Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now And Then

Hello one and all. Bruce here. It has been a little while since I posted anything new about my where-a-bout’s, so I thought I’d let anyone who cares know what’s up these days. I have been doing some traveling the last month. Went to Iowa, (twice) Florida, (twice) and back and forth to Nashville a couple of times to boot. I have finished 10 of the 14 songs on VOL I of the new project. The title is “Now and Then VOL I”. It’s going to have 11 previously released songs, completely redone for this project. It has been so much fun going into my back catalogue and picking songs that hit a chord with my fan base as well as songs that meant a lot to me personally. Most of these songs were # 1 radio songs. But there will also be some songs that were more obscure that I have always wanted to redo because I don’t think we totally captured them the first time around.

I am so stoked to be working with Monroe Jones again. He has taken all these songs thus far and brought them into a wonderfully current condition. There will be 3 brand new songs on VOL I that will make up the 14 songs. I’m planning on a VOL II to be released sometime next year.

On the home front, all is pretty quiet for now. I’m always hesitant to say that but things are kind of smooth. My wife Nikki is doing pretty good health wise. She is also about to finish her new book. It is going to blow you away I promise. Stay tuned. We had to deal with the passing of her Mom last month. That was hard. My Mom is in an assisted living situation and has had some serious health issues as of late. She is 86 and is hanging in there but I see the end of her life making its way to meet her. I was raised by the best single Mom in the world so as you can imagine, I’m very close to her and very sad to see her in this condition. I lost my Dad a few years ago and my oldest brother 2 years ago. I am acquainted with having to deal with death and it is a weird thing. Probably because we were never meant to have to deal with it. Only when the fall came did death enter in. We simply were not wired to handle it well. But it is SO encouraging to know death has no sting for us, who are in Christ, and I believe all of the aforementioned loved ones knew Jesus and we will see them again.

My son Austin is doing well and gearing back up to get into the studio. He writes for Kara DeoGuardi’s (The new 4th judge on American Idol) company in L.A, and he is an amazing vocalist My younger son, Taylor, has been drumming for the group After Edmund as they have been hitting the road. He brought me a couple new songs he wrote, sang, played all the instruments on and produced a demo on, himself, and I was totally knocked out. He had never even sung for me and I had no idea he could write like that. I had no idea he was as good of a singer either. My daughter Sarah and her husband Craig are expecting their third child. AWESOME. My younger daughter Amber is married to a great guy named John Ed and doing great too.

Hope church, where I lead worship most weekends is thriving. Check out the website. The academy and label are doing great as well. Check them out too. Keep the prayers up as I schedule the completion of this new project in the coming weeks. I can’t wait for all of you to hear it. I’m very proud of the songs and I’m so humbled to work with Monroe and the great line up of players. I’m planning some dates in October and November. Stay tuned as I will be posting them real soon. Well, that’s good for now. I’ll be back soon. Please write. God bless all of you……..


Reformed_10 said...

Hey brother,
just a note to let ya know I love your messages in your music and share them with many on Paltalk; which is a live voice chat room software. Of course I share many more Christian artists too and hope people are drawn to the Lord's love as I am with them too.
Keep puttin' out bro and I'll be there to snatch 'em up too.

P.S. Please have your web site designer look at the web site since it doesn't want to let me add myself to your mailing list. I get a goofy page once I fill in all the relevant info blocks. Thanks again.

Also, I sure love it when you do duets with Buddy greene too. Maybe a Kelly willard duet too??? :O)
His best for you and yours,
Alan Kuehne

Lauren said...

Hey Bruce...
My friend gave me a cd of yours with the song Sometimes Miracles Hide which reminded me of my parents good friends, which have a downs girl my age. We all love Ellie and praise God for her life! Thanks for your encouragement and God bless your ministry. Come visit Ellie and I in Ohio!

Walter said...

Hello Bruce,

I am a huge fan of yours and have a copy of almost every album you've recorded. I was very thrilled to meet you in Sikeston, Mo in the early 1990's. You're music was a major factor in leading me to Jesus! I thank God for you and your music.

God Bless,
Walt Moore