Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone. Welcome to my new revamped web site. I am going to try to stay current with what’s going on in my life for anyone who would want to know. I am a pretty busy guy these days. I’m a full time worship leader at a big honkin church outside of Memphis Tn. It’s great to be home on the weekends and to be able to lead between 6000-7000 faithful in worship. They still let me out to write, make records and do concerts when I want to so it’s really a great situation. But for anyone who has ever been on staff of a church you know how crazy it can get.

My kids are growing up fast. Austin is out in LA. He was on a reality show on ABC called The One back in the summer. The show was cancelled but it opened up some cool stuff for Austin. He is songwriting and getting cuts and is doing the starving artist thing in LA. I have no doubt he will be fine. He already has a cut on Katherine McPhee’s new CD that is about to come out. She was runner up to Taylor Hicks on that oh so talent loaded pop icon show American Idol. I just hope he makes enough money off of it to eat on. I’m proud of him for going for it.

Taylor is a killer drummer and a killer guitar player and is in a hardcore band called So She Sang. They are currently working with producer Malcolm Springer on a new CD that I feel certain will be picked up as soon as it’s finished. He plays with me on the road sometimes, records with me, (he is on my latest CD Big World) as well as writes a lot with another young wonderful artist named John Conklin. They are doing an acoustic duo thing on the side and some of the songs I am hearing are GREAT! I’m certain Taylor will make a way for himself in music.

Sarah is a beautiful Mother married to a great husband named Craig. They have one slammin son named Ryan and one on the way. Craig is a marine and a real Godly guy who loves my daughter and grandson. We are blessed to have him in our family. They are building a beautiful house in Franklin Tn that I plan on spending lots of time in while in Nashville to write.

Amber is cutting and coloring hair in Germantown TN. In a high falootin hair salon. She really has a gift. (Her Mother did that for years) She is dating a really nice fella named Mike who is a sportscaster. He is really good. I tune him in sometimes. He really loves my girl and they seem pretty serious. Stay tuned.

Nikki is still as beautiful as the day I married her. She has been through so much health wise but has handled everything thrown at her with strength and dignity. To say she is amazing would be an understatement. She is still the love of my life and the holder of my heart. She is an amazing interior decorator and should probably be in that business. But for now I reap the benefits of living in the house she has made a home. God has truly blessed us with each other for over 25 years.

I’ll check in again real soon. Please check back. Thanks for being a fan or friend or just a curiosity seeker. Later

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